looks to me that Leisure Travel Vans are no. 1


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My wife and I are near retirement and intend to travel in a class B. I've scoured all the class B motorhome websites and Leisure Travel has the most thorough site, with many informative videos, photos, etc. After looking at the Free Spirit SS and Unity models, with slide outs, I found my local dealer and took a tour of the Unity. I was blown away by the craftsmanship and interior and exterior design of this vehicle. I got in and out of the best Roadtreks they had and no comparison. Unfortunately there are no RV shows around at this time of year to get in and out of other brands such as Pleasure Way, CoachHouse, etc. I did get in a local Winnebago and Airstream. Not that impressed. Am I on to something here, that Leisure Travel Vans are a cut above the rest or am I missing something? Who has cabinetry like them? I just didn't see it in the other motorhomes, in the 22-24 size, on a Mercedes chassis.

Any suggestions, or things I should consider before buying a Free Spirit SS or the Unity, both with slide outs. Have I overlooked a coach that is top of the line?

Your comments are appreciated...