Loss of all electiric

I have no electrical power in my 2000 airstream diesel pusher. My allison trans gear shift does not light sand the tell me it is possibly my ecu unit. My question is whay does that have to do with all the other accessories not functioning from the hydraulic jack, generator, slide, and all interior lights. There appearsto be a main cut off switch which we are unable to find. Any Ideas?

Thanks for any help.

PS it is on a freightliner chassis


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Loss of all electiric

How about the aux batteries? Fuses? Just a couple thoughts. Normally the generator is started with the aux batteries and of course, the inside lights run off aux batteries and my electric step is operated from the aux batteries. Not sure if the hydralic jacks are operated by aux batteries.
Loss of all electiric

Check the ground wires from the batteries. Make sure they are still firmly bolted to the frame. Check the ground between the engine block and the frame as well.