Lost 12 Volt Power in 94 Kountry Star


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I have coach power on either shore power or the generator.
When I shut that source off, I have no power in the coach.
The Battery Disconnect switch says the power is on, and the battery Status panel says the two house batteries are good.
Any ideas on where I might be losing that connection.
I also would like to find a wiring diagram for that coach if possible.


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Lost 12 Volt Power in 94 Kountry Star

Your best bet for a wire diagram is to contact Newmar, who built that coach. They might still have some and will probably be happy to send one to you.

Since you have power with the genset or shore power, it sounds as though your converter or inverter is working(depending on which you have). Does the genset start easily? If so that would prove that the coach batteries are good since they are the source of starting power. You could have some bad connections or there may also be a "fuseable link" in the power line that has failed. I would get a meter and start tracing from the batteries to see where you loose power.


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Lost 12 Volt Power in 94 Kountry Star

Thanks Kirk.
That's what it looks like I will have to do.
I will contact Newmar to see if I can get the diagram.
That would help.
Have a good day!