Lost Valley Lake Resort, Owensville, MO

LVLR is located about 45 minutes from where my wife and I live in Union, MO. We very recently took delivery of our new Pioneer 21TS6 TT. Our dealer gave us a coupon good for a free "three day and two night stay" at LVLR. Of course, we have to take the "tour" to qualify. After thinking about it for a few days, I am hesitant to take advantage of the offer. We were not real sure what LVLR was all about, but now we know its some sort of timeshare and/or deeded ownership deal. To try and make a long story short, does anyone have any first hand knowledge of LVLR as it pertains to someone who owns their own camper?


Lost Valley Lake Resort, Owensville, MO

My family and I are actually selling our membership to LVLR. It is the general membership that would allow you to enter the park with your own R.V. or camper. However, we never made it to buying a camper, so I have no additional information about the park in regards to campers and R.V.s. I can tell you the park is a lot of fun, the reason we are looking to selling our membership is that we recently moved. I can also tell you we are willing to sell the membership much cheaper than you would obtain through the park iteself. It was a great investment when we lived closer, but now just need to pass on our membership, we definetly are not looking for a profit. If you have any questions or think you may be interested please e-mail me at ryanb_50@hotmail.com