Lots of newbie questions!


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Just bought an 03 Gulfstream c22 Ford V-10. 4K within brand new but sans any coach or Ford documentation. Offhand , how do you program the remotes? Mine set the alarm but won't lock the power locks or vice versa. It is an E-350. Also will Glfstream help me with the info on the different appliances etc? Never had to worry about this with the ole 86.:)

Thanks in advance


Gary B

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Lots of newbie questions!

Hi Ron, your best bet on the chassis is to go to a Ford dealer, call the dealership and ask to talk to the Service Manager and explain your means, as for the Coach call Gulfstream beings its an 03 they should be able to hepl. Good luck. Welcome to the forum :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: