Lots of Questions--Need Some Help


I am new to the forums and need some help in searching for the perfect RV.

My mother and I will be traveling a lot during the summers and late next year. All we really know is that we want a Class C. So...

What are some of the "best" makes out there?? Winnebago, Ford, Jayco, etc.?

Is diesel better than gas?

We will be towing a small car, either a VW Beetle or Jetta (one at a time, of course) so what would be a good size/weight class C to tow the car?

To start out with, we are looking for a used motor home. Otherwise, we are pretty clueless! Any tips and/or answers are greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the forum Mary. We have many class c owners and I'm sure you'll get more than an earful from them. Again welcome to the forum and post oftenwith questions which you will have more of later.


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Ford builds a chassis but not the coach on that chassis. Theirs is the most popular one for the class C market.

Winnebago/Itasca make a quality product. Probably the two best, but also most costly are the Lazy Days and the Born Free.


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Re: Lots of Questions--Need Some Help

Class C's are a good family camper. However, be careful. Some do not have much CCC (cargo carrying capacity) and/or towing capacity. Make sure that whatever you get will handle your weight needs.

Diesel is 'better' but may not be more practical. If you will be storing ithe RV a lot, gas engines tend to be less annoyed by that than diesel engines. They tend to cost more, but last longer. Diesel fuel tends to cost more, but often gives you better 'gas' mileage. And there is nothing like a diesel for getting up hills.

Make sure that the vehicle you tow can be towed 'four down'. Some vehicles can be towed with no problem, others need weird things like pulling fuzes or leaving the key in the ignition, or keeping it under 50 MPH or stopping every 200 miles and running the engine for 5 minutes, etc. Some vehicles cannot be towed without modification; there is a company which specializes in that (REMCO, maybe?). And some cars just should not be towed.
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Thanks for all the help! Yesterday we went and peeked at some and are now thinking of getting a Class A (just posted a new post in the Class A forum). We will be going long distances but after reaching the destination, it will probably sit for two-three months. Also, I don't know much about towing. What does "four down" mean? It would be towing either a 2003 VW Jetta or 2003 New Beetle. We had thought about towing it with a trailer holding up the front wheels. But, I'll check out REMCO. Thanks again!
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That trailer you will find is called a tow dolly. Remember that you have to store this somewhere when you are stopped.

"Four down" means adding a tow bar arrangement to the vehicle you are towing (towed vehicle = "toad") with matching gear on the MH and a braking device in the toad. (You might have visions of that triangular hunk of steel on the front of an old WWII Jeep, but modern tow bars disconnect from the toad and stay with the MH.)

When we were looking, we found that the van cockpit of a Class C was much more comfortable driving than comparable Class A's that we looked at. Just our opinion at the time.


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Now tex i resemble that remark ,, i have to say seriously ,, i have that old traingle piece of metal (built it my self ) and yes it's used to tow a jeep ,, :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: ... i usaually haul my 80 jeep cj5 with us ,, that way we have a convertable toad ,, and if my son decides to go with us ,, then the jeep ALWAYS GOES .... but u'r right ,, i have the new and improved setup (tow and brake) for my 07 pontiac g5 ,,, but i also had to add the cv-joint disconect thingy ,, due to it being automatic ... :approve: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ;)