Low profile fiver?

When I built my garage, I built it in mind of being able to store a boat or RV. The door is 12' wide by 10' high. Does anyone know of a fifth wheel that would have a lower profile than most. I am not too overly optimistic about this as when I built it a TT was in mind. Thanks,

Gary B

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Low profile fiver?

Hi Bob, you didn't say what size 5er your interested in. I think finding one that will go in a 10' door is going to limit your choices. Right at the moment I can't think of any new ones, Thor Dutchman did make their Classic model witch was a low profile, but can't remember the actual hight. Tell us more about what your looking / thinking about. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Low profile fiver?

Hi again GB, we are looking for a rear living room unit of the Keystone Springdale type. 27 feet long or so. Length really isn't a problem (but wife can't see anything too long, just she and I now :( ). My last RV was a Sprinter TT 30' when the kids were home. I am not really too hopeful about getting one to fit, but I doesn't hurt to look and ask. Thanks,, Bob
Low profile fiver?

Bobsals, I have a Coachmen Catalina Lite that is 27' long. It is 9' 10" high and goes in a 10 ' door, so I store it indoors in the off season. It was one of the conciderations when I was looking to buy. John H.....