Lower Florida Keys

I took my RV down to the Lower Keys last week and wrote an article for my blog, floridarambler.com, about things to do. But I know I haven't covered all the bases and am seeking input from other RVers who have been there and have additional experiences to share. Can you help?


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Thanks for the link.

Not sure if Marathon Cottages and RV park is still open but if so, its another Mil FamCamp possiblitiy. I was at Sigsbee for two weeks two years ago before going up to Miami for two months.



well i hope andytrig32 paid for that ad he slipped in under "love to go rving after " (then the add ) these folks are getting even more sneaky.
But as to the original post ,, yea looks great ,, i love the ocean ,, and i love to go anywhere i can be in it or near it ,, luv the salt air and salt spray ,, even if i have to spend 3 hrs cleaning it off the MH before i can even get outta the park :excitement: it is all worth it to me :applause:

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I never click on those add ads because its also a sneaky way to send viruses. Bet andytrig32 didnt pay to do it.


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I also NEVER click on stuff like that unless it is from someone we know. So it's just a waste of time to read this stuff...

Gosh it's cold this morning. Guess it's hibernation time for me. With it this cold, it might as well SNOW!! :triumphant: Everyone through with their Christmas shopping?