lp gas to applances


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Even tho late to reply, thanks to Harrington for the comments and suggestions.
I have RT190P. 1998. A newbie trying to learn all this stuff.

I replaced the solenoid for shutting off the gas.

I have a switch which is near the gas fill. I turn on my 12v system. The lp gas sensor is near the floor by the rear bed. It is on and in the green.

I turn the on/off switch near the gas fill to on.

Go to fuse board. Take the fuse for lp gas sensor out and put back in and can hear solenoid click to apparently open the gas. Did this numerous times, put fuse in.

went to stove, it lit, went to furnace it lit.

I don't know where any solenoids, etc are located for the lp sensor.

When I turn on the on/off switch by the gas filler, it doesn't appear to affect the solenoid, it doesn't click like it does when I put fuse in and out.

I don't know by taking lp sensor fuse out whether I just jolted the lp sensor to life or what. I'm not sure whether somehow the lp sensor is hooked to the on/off switch by gas filler or actually where the wires go from the lp sensor.

I will try to use lp gas tonight and see what happens.

The lp fridge doesn't lite but I am not worried about that right now.

Thanks again S.Harrington for helping.