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We've just purchased an old beast of a motorhome that runs on propane (LPG) which is very easy to get a hold of here in Canada but we've heard that it's not as easy to get in the US. We are planning to go to the Oregon Coast on a trip next week (through Washington state) and have been trying to find a comprehensive list of propane retailers online. Does anyone know of any great resources to help us map out our trip to make sure that we don't end up "camping" by the side of the road? Or does anyone have any other words of wisdom about travelling in the states with a propane engine?

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My dad put a gas conversion on one of his pickup trucks. At the time, we were farming and had plenty of butane available.

Still, the conversion was set up so he could "switch" over to regular gasoline. The reasons were that he couldn't ALWAYS stay within range of the supply of butane, and that he couldn't carry enough butane to get anywhere near the same range as a tank of gasoline. Also, the mileage on butane was less than that of gasoline.

Also, they were selling BUTANE not PROPANE which is available widely now at RV parks. I seem to remember that PROPANE has less energy available. (The memory fails sometimes, too!)

Perhaps your MH has a way to convert back to gasoline?


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If you visit the site of the National Propane Gas Association ( http://www.usepropane.com/find/ ) you can use it to locate dealers along your route. You will probably not be able to find fuel at times in hours other than normal business hours from them, but they will be the most economical places to get it. You will also find that most Flying J truck stops have propane as do some others. They also have a website that you can use to find their locations. I think that Am Best truck stops also carry propane as do many RV parks. RV parks will be higher priced than most dealers.
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Thanks for the information, folks! We're heading off tomorrow and looking forward to not running out of propane and enjoying the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Happy travels, all.