LPGas detector beeps...HELP

[John] My motor home has a LP gas detector that must be on and operational for the regulator to stay open and LP gas to flow....all appliances work fine and gas detector does it internal check fine...BUT the thing beeps once every 45 to 60 sec...driving me crazy....any suggestons....please email me at
LPGas detector beeps...HELP

[Roger] If its got a battery backup that might need replacing. Our CO2 detecter does that when battery needs replacing. I don&#039t have one myself so just a logical guess. Good luck
LPGas detector beeps...HELP

[Bill from Illinois] It colud be comeing in around your water heater where the gas comes in. take caulk and seal it up real good . some times if you have electic light there is a little gas that will get out and the come threw the hole. I hope this helps
LPGas detector beeps...HELP

[RonS] Mine was doing the same thing. Dont know why but when checking the Main batteries of the Motor Home I found them low on water, I topped them off and gave them a charge overnight and the beeping stopped. Good Luck Ron
LPGas detector beeps...HELP

[Chris Grangeaud] It is probably registering a fault. Check the indicator lights and check them (color/flashing sequence, etc), against your owners manual. One word of caution: NEVER use aerosal products such as pledge, etc around these units. It can ruin the sensors in the detector.

Chris G