magnetic paint


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A recent Letter to the Editor in Motorhome magazine addresses the use of magnetic paint in RVs. I have an Isata Touring Sedan with a metal sheet covering a wooden wall above the gas burner stove. My wife wants me to look into the use of magnetic paint cover this sheet so we can hang things like cup hooks and towel holders on it. It will not hold magnets now.

Does anyone have experience with the new so-called magnetic paint?

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R Hurder

sheri lennox

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magnetic paint

This would be harmless for you to use and will not interfere with computers, electronic equipment as a previous post suggests. Obviously that poster is not aware of this product.
This paint DOES NOT have its own magnetic properties.
It is a liquid METAL that magnets will stick to.



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magnetic paint

I'm not sure I'd trust any 'paint' to provide sufficient strenth to reliably hold 'cup hooks' or 'towel racks'. How about screwing a sheet of real ferrous material to that non-ferrous panel?


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magnetic paint

As a fulltimer, I doubt very much that cups held up by magnets would stay in place during travel, no matter what you have to put the magnets on. We find that even potholders will slowly slide down the metal when traveling. I would suggest the "Command" hooks from 3M company. Those will stick to the RV and hold very well, yet release when you wish.


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magnetic paint

I am a manufacturer of magnetic paint. My paint can be found at under the name of Lytle Magically Magnetic paint.

The magnetic paint you mention is made by many manufacturers and contains the same ingredients to make sheet magnets stick to walls. The paints contain millions of microscopic particles of iron dust that with enough coats of the paint, magnets will stick to the wall like they stick to steel.

Here is the rub. Ordinary magnets will not stick to the magnetic paint because they are too heavy for their surface size and the paint does not impart enough steel or iron particles to make it as magnetically attractive as solid steel. Your magnetic cup hooks would fall off, especially if the motor home were moved or driven on the roads.

Magnetic paints are made to be used with sheet magnets. They are not so strong as regular heavier magnets but for their weight, they are quite strong as they spread their power out over many square inches. They are easy and fun to use and for use in the home are wonderful. We make many lines of magnetic photo and picture frames that can be used on a wall painted with our magnetic paint.

I don't think cups dangling from hooks would work out too well in a moving motor home even if the hooks would stick to the surface. The cups would swing back and forth and quickly make circular scratches on the surface.

I hope this is of help.

Sincerely yours,
David B. Lytle
Lytle Magnetic Photo Products