Making coffee in your RV?


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Greetings, Patricia and Lloyd are here.

We are RV novices and we are looking for a coffee maker (that uses the pods) that won't trip the breaker on the inverter of our 2017 Winnebago - Xantrex Pro XM1000 inverter with 1000 watt max. Is this possible to find a proper option (as the one we use at home draws too much power - 800 watts)?
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Cindy Hendricks

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Hello Patricia and Lloyd. I just bought a small inexpensive pod coffee maker from Walmart and that worked fine in my travel trailer. I know Keurig makes a mini coffee maker for RVers as does Coleman. Do a search on Google for "pod coffee maker for RV".


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Been using standard Mr.Coffee pots in my 2 trailers for 4 years. Pot and toaster will work at the same time. No problems