Many Problems with R-Vision B+


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I have had many problems with my B+. First night out the A/C quit if anything else was on (like microwave) and then quit entirely. Kept running in and out of coach resetting the breakers. Finally wires started crackling from the A/C so shut it off. Other problems include water leaking from the A/C unit and vents, breakers tripping, rough ride and drawers flying open all the time; grey water handle broke and not closing properly, water leaking under the sink, and finally no power at all. Batteries will not hold a charge even after a new battery is in place. Any ideas from anyone? :(


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Re: Many Problems with R-Vision B+

First...You only have 30 amps available to you rig. A/C unit uses 12 and micro wave uses 12. converter uses 6-8. Were you plug in via an extesion cord? If so then that would cause problems as well. When the wires started crackling did you smell burnt insulation? If not may have been loose connection. Have the dealer check it out very closely. The drawer problem is a typical one. Need to adjust drawer stops or maybe install some(dealer should take care of this under warranty). Batteries are another problem. The dealer installs them and should take care of the warranty on them. Have them testes at a reputable battery shop first though. The water leaks under the sink should have been taken care of by the dealer during the PDI. Howerver according to manufacturers sealing the roof is a general maintainance thing and you will probably be responsible for that.