Mapping programs

I have been using Microsoft Streets and Trips for about 5 years to plan my trips. I am interested in upgrading to the 2005 version with included GPS Locator. Is the upgrade worth the $125 price tag? I have used the 2003 program with an after market GPS but it only updates the program every 15 seconds, which is too slow in cities. Does the newer program work faster? I have more questions but will save them for later.


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Mapping programs

Don't know about the GPS version, but my version made a seriously annoying change over 2003. I used to use the 'estimated speed' for each type of road to help find out where to look for a campground at days end. The 2005 version replaces a MPH entry with 'slow' to 'fast'. Huh? Useless for planning purposes as far as I can tell. I'm going back to 2003 (or check out 2004 if I can find my copy).
Mapping programs

I have 2005 and use a Garmin Ledgend, no problem with the interface. I read a review on 06 version due out in October and it will work with NEMA certified GPS umits also. They have added a few thing of interest, Voice for one(Not in my interest)but the base data is from Woodahls and if it is accurate as 05 I'm happy.