Master Cylinder for 1999 E450


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I need to replace the brake master cylinder in my Class C motor home. It is a 1999 Ford E450. I am having a difficult time finding one. Where can I go for parts?


RE: Master Cylinder for 1999 E450

IMO the best bet would be Napa ,, they may not have it in stock ,, but they can order it for u ,, or if u are mechanically inclined ,, rebuild the one u have ,,, the rebuild kit would be alot cheaper ,, but that may not be available at all ,, but do ck around ,, they can order anything at any parts store ,, and also ,, don't go for the cheaper one ,, buy the top of the line cause i know u don't want to do this again in 5 months or less and also for u'r and our safety ,, brakes are one thing u don't go cheap on ;) :approve: :approve:
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Re: Master Cylinder for 1999 E450

Any car parts store worth their salt can get you one. Call around. And if push comes to shove try calling the truck company your C is made by, parts.