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Just picked up new Roadtrek Adventurous and drove RV back to Jackson Hole from MN, but didn't use plumbing. Once home in Jackson I filled black and grey tanks with water to test system. I opened grey tank value [pull out] and turned on pump by pushing button located next to drivers seat - no water pumped out although I can hear pump running. I then pushed in and engaged device to free clogged pump. It turns with just a little resistance. Still no luck. I hate to drive unit back to dealer to get fixed - not sure if something is broken or I'm I doing something wrong. Help appreciated


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RE: masticator pump

Just an is a macerator pump but that isn't important. Did you open the valve / remove the cap at the end of macerator hose?


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I baleeve a masticator is one of them fellers that will kick a lyin' dog ... but ahm not too shur. :clown:

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Is there a trick to pushing the hose back into the place it is housed?

Is there a trick to pushing the hose back in after dumping? It is extremely hard on my RV. Mine does not have an automatic


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it is like putting tape back in a dispenser after you pull it out, you need to work with the hose untill it fits, it will never look like it did brand new, each person findly works out what is the best answer