Matching Receiver with Satellite Dish


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Just bought a used Class A with 7k miles on it. It has a KVH satellite "in motion" automatic find antenna. Cannot determine if it is a model R4, or R5. (former owner didn't turn in the papers on it.)
I have a 1999 RCA satellite receiver; but am being told (by a couple locals) that it "won't work" with the KVH antenna. Some say, get a "D-10"receiver at Best Buy. Then, I've read that RCA receivers are "not the best" game in town. (Yes, the prior owner also snagged off the receiver when it was traded in).
I don't want to "hook up" to Direct TV, until maybe March 1st; but I do want to get the receiver "hooked" up properly to the existing KVH antenna, so that it can effectively operate the 21" tv above the cockpit, and the 19" in the bedroom. While we don't plan on operating two tv's at same time, we do want both to work properly.
With that background, we would appreciate a "knowledgeable" answer as to what "brand" and "model" to get that will match up properly with the KVH antenna, and where to find it. Thanks for the input in advance. Wagonmaster38