Mattress Covers


I am looking for a good source for mattress covers for trailer bunks (28x74"). We have seen some in new trailers that are upholstered like the sofas. I am trying to find something like that that can be zipped on and off which will protect the mattress so the kids can use sleeping bags and still have it look good and match..... I am at my wits end - thoughts?
Mattress Covers

Hi, You might try the manufacture..our bunkhouse came with the matching bed covers..they had elastic just like a fitted sheet. You know maybe you could find a nice fitted sheet also for one. Penneys might have some elastic bed covers also. Good Luck in your search.
Re: Mattress Covers

I know this thread is pretty old. For those still looking, try typing in "rv mattress encasement" or "rv mattress protector" into google or yahoo. I saw several companies selling what mill831 was describing. Good luck! I'm on a quest to find a solution to making my rv mattress more comfortable or replacing the thing altogether.