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We want to purchase a rv that will be short enough to park so we dont have to tow a vehicle. This would be used for short trips. We would like to park in a parking lot across two spaces? What is the longest we could use? What about if we decided to go with one that we could park in just a regular parking spot? We are thinking class c would be our best bet? Also, we are looking at older used rvs and have been told that the ones with overdrive and fuel injection have better gas mileage and less mechanical problems? How do you tell if they have this on an older rv? Thank you so much for your help. We are trying to learn.
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Sallyberetta and I have a 31 foot Class C that we go everywhere with. If we go to a grocery store or WalMart with it, we usually park out in the boonies and take 4 spaces. I doesn't hang out on either end and that tactic has kept us from being hemmed in.

Ours has overdrive and fuel injection, and we have had no problems. This August it will be 4 years old.

The overdrive on our Ford van-type chassis has a push button on the shift lever to take it out of overdrive. Also, the "D" for Drive on the shift indicator is shown within a circle for "-O-ver-D-rive".

I don't know about older than 2005 models.


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The real 'go anywhere' RV is the class B (van camper). Great gas mileage, easy to store, can park just about anywhere. The downside is that it is SMALL inside. Great for going from here to there, not so great for staying in once you get there.
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You can check the vehicle code, but I believe that the limit for a city street is about 20 feet. That excludes almost all motorhomes.

Our first motohome has a 19 1/2 ft Tioga and I was told that it was legal to park on city streets. It did take up all of the marked off line limits!

Our next motorhome was 32 feet and you have to do searching when parking to find a place when you are not towing a second vehicle. We has a small trail (Honda 110) for running around!

Good luck.