Maximum payload question


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Hoping someone can explain something to me... If you go to this Ford website, click on "Specifications" and scroll down about 3/4 of the way, you will see the "Maximum Payload Package Selector (lbs.)" section.

Scrolling down through that section to the F-350 SRW 4X4, and looking in the column for the Crew Cab, I cannot understand why the vehicle with a GVWR of 11,300 lbs. would have a payload that is 640 lbs. HIGHER than the vehicle with a GVWR of 11,400 lbs.!! I don't get it...maybe 'cause I haven't been around trucks all that much?

Does anyone here have any input, comments, advice, an explanation...?




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Hello, I am looking for a high payload 5er toyhauler, I prefer a holiday rambler next level 30 footer but cant find one (75000 pound ccc) does anyone know of another with the same capacity or close?
Thx Bill