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Hello all! Newbie checking in. Expect to buy a class A soon with the idea of using it to travel to Rochester, Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic sometime after the first of the year. Have been to Rochester several times previously but without RV. Timing of trip out of my hands. I have lots of questions about where to park the RV and what to expect with cold weather etc. Expect to buy used 40 foot to live in while my wife gets treatment at the clinic. Interested in data on Rochester area rv parks etc. Thanks in advance.
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Check the "Destinations" tag on this page: RV Parks, Resort, Campground. Your biggest challenge will be the winter weather. You will need LOTS OF PROPANE to stay warm...and wrapped hoses with heat tape to keep your water from freezing.

My guess is that most RV parks will be closed during the winter in that part of the country...heck, they close for the winter here in NJ!! I would also check w/the Mayo Clinic directly....they may have some suggestions. Good Luck....hope your wife is better soon.

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Get a copy of Trailer Life Campground Directory. That should tell you about most of the campgrounds available in the Rochester area and will tell you if they are open in the time frame you need. Then check out You can get an idea of what other campers think of the RV Park you are thinking of staying in.
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Thanks for the feedback. Good suggestions! Had not thought about it but seems logical they would close. Will check with Mayo to get their input. Thanks for the good wishes!


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We've made a afew trips to Mayo in the past few years. Our favorite campground is the Aarora campground. They have a fare number of 65ft drive though slots too. It's out of the city near the airport. They share the FREE shuttle service to the clinic. They'll pick you up right at your coach. I think it runs every hour. We also tried the KOA there but didn't like it as much.