MD3060 transmission problems / codes


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We recently had quite a few mechanical repairs made to our 1994 Monaco Executive. We also had a Banks performance package installed, and a new full body paint job. All of this took months and months.

When we picked up the motor coach, we only went a few blocks before we turned around because of a lack of power. When we arrived back at the repair shop, it was quickly determined that the clevis pin on the Pac brake had fallen out which closed the butterfly. The pin was replaced and we drove home.

The drive home includes several low grades and the motor home still seemed to be low on power. It barely made it up a steep grade close to our house.

A week later, we started to drive back to the repair shop. The motor home had problems climbing a slight incline out of our driveway. I noticed the cruise control was set to ON (I never use it), so I turned cruise control off and things seemed to improve.

Near the repair shop, I was in stop-and-go traffic and got a “do not shift” and the motor home would NOT move. Turning the engine off and restarting cleared the “do not shift” and I was able to make it to the repair shop.

I learned that the repair shop had failed to install the “otto mind” which is part of the Banks Stinger. After correcting this oversight and confirming nothing was wrong with the turbo’s cartridge assembly, test drives showed that there was plenty of power.

However, steep inclines are still a problem as is staring out on a slight incline (after not driving the RV for a few days).

Currently there are two codes (25-11 & 13-13) that will not reset.

Does anyone know what these codes mean or have any idea of what the problem might be?


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Re: MD3060 transmission problems / codes

13-13 is power to the ECU low. 25-11 is output speed sensor signal detected at zero in first range. Two codes together of that nature usually indicated some kind of a wiring problem in the vehicle. I cannot tell you where. It is possible the ECU can fail in a manner that retains codes that don't clear. But normally, it's vehicle wiring.
Keep in mind these big RVs do not climb hills like a car. They drive more like a truck. That is what their powertrains and weight classes are basically, medium truck.


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Re: MD3060 transmission problems / codes

Thanks for the information

Let us hope it not the ECU. It was replaced 12 months ago with a new unit. No GM 7yr 100,000 mile warranty--- 6 months only. I have had this coach for 5 years now and something is different now vs the last 4-5 years.. low power, problems with small inclines etc. I am afraid the coach sat in the shop way too long (9+ months)... no telling what new problems developed over that time.