MD3060p problems

Hi, just found your site and was hopeing you might be able to help. I have a Freightliner FL80 with an allison world MD3060P trans. It's throwing a 2511 code and won't move. This has a PTO to drive the Hydraulics for the plow and sander(plow truck) that's not working either. The only thing our book says on a 2511 code is to replace the trans or ECU. My book is a little lacking on specs as well. Do you know what kind of pressure I should have @ idle and higher RPMS? Seems a little drastic of a step with out doing any other kind of diagnostic work first. It's a 97' and has a lot of hours on it, but I've hardly ever seen a world trans fail, so I have my doubts about just replacing it Any suggestions?
MD3060p problems

I found the pressure test port and found that we had zero pressure. Basically the Trans is shot. Have a new one coming. Not the cheapest Trans out there. Jasper has a rebuilt for $4400.00 (with a $5000.00 core charge)