Memorial Day

I know that some of you folks that post on here regularly are vets. I would like to take a moment and personally thank you for the service you gave to your country so that I can have the freedoms I enjoy. God bless you all. Krazee
Memorial Day

During World War II, my mother's brother Joe received a medal for an heroic act that saved many of his fellow soldier's lives. Her other brother, Benny, was on a ship in the Pacific and no less a hero to me. My father was turned down, because he worked in a chemical plant; a much needed resource during WWII. I remember them today and always.

There's no less respect and thanks to those of you reading this that are vets of any service to your country.

In our own ways, we all serve our country and must look out for her and our freedom.


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Memorial Day

On behalf of all of us who served, thanks to you both. But keep in mind that today was for those who gave it all. It is a small tribute to pay them for such a great sacrifice!