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Thanks for the welcome! This week my husband drove the popup to the dealership for part of the trade-in. Watching it leave the driveway for the last time just tugged my heart. So many wonderful memories of kids, campfires, late night REAL talk, hiking, tennis, fun ... sigh ... We wish the new owners as much happiness.

We went to the dealership to upgrade "just a little" - and fell in love with a 3 month used '06 Fleetwood Terra. The discount price and 3 month depreciation was amazing - (We did our research.) Dennis - Safford RV - Fredricksburg, VA was great. He suggested putting a deposit on it and go home for a few days before we signed the papers! We are still stunned at how easily all the pieces fell into place. It just feels right. Did you have that feeling too?

Decisions? What car to tow (called a toad?) We have a small tracker - but went with the car with the airbags and more safety.
Surprises? Personal property tax is where it is "garaged" and not where we reside.
Question? How much liability insurance should we get? Right now it is equal to our car insurance. Should we go higher?
Question? Someone asked if we were going to have a CB. What do you do to communicate (besides waving out the window!)

We pick it up on the 14th. Will park it in front of our house and have a pizza party for our 3 boys and families. We are planning to camp over that weekend (20 minutes away) so we can play and be close to home if we need something. We are still in a daze!

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Re: Memory Lane

Congratulations on your new RV. Twenty minutes away or in your driveway (if possible) is the best place to break in a new unit. We have a very nice COE park 10 miles from our house and we use it at times. We also have a nice state park 15 miles away. We go there some too....
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Re: Memory Lane

Liability insurance should always be as much as you can afford. Actually, best is an 'umbrella' policy. Have the minimum on your house and all vehicles they will let you have and then have another policy (the umbrella) which covers you under 'all' cirmcumstance beyond these base levels. Usually to a million or more. But what it really comes down to, is if you have 'enough' liability on your car, the same amount on your RV should be fine.

Toads, make sure it can be towed. Many cars cannot without modifications or special techniques and some can't be towed '4 down' under any circumstances. Generally 4WD with transfer cases which have neutral position are good. Older Saturns and Hondas have been popular toads as well. Check the owners manual for anything you are considering, to see what it says about being towed.

CB is recommended. It used to be it was a blast to listen and talk on. Then it was at least lively with all the cussing going on. Now it is generally pretty quiet except in the cities, but can be worth a bundle to find out what/how long any tie up on the road is. I am fond of the all in the microphone Cobra, with scanner and NOAA weather stations. Small (the size of a microphone), cheap ( under $100 on sale) and versatile. The hard part is getting a decent antenna mounted on a fiberglass motorhome body - there is no ground plane which cuts the effectiveness significantly.