Metzendorf made in Ohio

My husband and I are picking up our 1961 Metzendorf this week. Does anyone have any information on these trailers, made in West Farmington, Ohio. I saw a thread on the forum that started in 2001 and last reply was in 2005.
I am new on this block, so hi, everyone. :laugh:

C Nash

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Re: Metzendorf made in Ohio

Hi rmiller and welcome to the forum. Can't help on your Metzendorf but you might try goggling metzendorf trailers and find something. There were several threads but it may have been you. post a picture of it here in classic rvs when you get it.
Re: Metzendorf made in Ohio

Hi C Nash,
Thanks for the reply. :)
I have been googling all over the place. I also have another trailer given to me that I need to find the name of. There is no information on the trailer at all, can't even find the VIN.
Anyway, nice to talkback to you and look forward to some good conversation.