It has been some time since I have posted on here and I'm just dropping by to see if anyone can give me some advice on a trip I would like to take into Mexico.

The area I'm considering on traveling to is San Carlos I would like to drive pulling my travel trailer from Tucon Arizona south on Route 19 then get on Mexico route 15 south to Hermosilla and onto San Carlos on the Gulf Of California.

I'm aware of all the Insurance laws for mexico I'm just concerned about driving conditions on that road and would like to hear of first hand experienced of anyone that has taken this road trip. Thanks Jim :cool:


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Re: Mexico

I've been to Mexico twice in one first and my last....
There ain't nothin' south of the border that interests me...
Your mileage may and probably will vary...


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RE: Mexico

Go to, rving in mexico and south america forum, to answer any questions traveling in Mexico. Also buy Church's book RVing in Mexico. You'll have a great time.