Mice in insulation

We stored our camper (first one) over the winter with very little problems except one. I don't know how they got in but we have mice in the insulation. We can hear the little buggers crawling around at night and they seem to be from one end to the other. Is there anything we can use to get them out? I don't want to use anything that will leave them dead inside. Is there some way we can draw them out? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Mice in insulation

I don't know how to get them out of the insulation, but do know that next year when your ready to store your camper, spread some moth balls around inside the camper (drawers, cabinets, etc.). I have used them on my boat and it is stored outside and I've never had any critters that decided to spend the winter inside. By the way, the moth ball smell will leave pretty quick in the spring when you open it up and air it out. I leave a baggie with moth balls inside and small holes punched in bag and put one bag in each outside storage area. Smell does not come up into the inside and it does help keep the bugs, etc., out.
You might try and place some food in the center of the floor and hide behind the sofa with a bb gun and shoot them when they get near the food....just kidding, ha ha :laugh:
Traps under the sink might work.
Mice in insulation

Sure their not in the roof. I have a motorhome and they got into the air conditioning ducts and the honeycomb of the styrefoam insulation. I used some of the spray foam insulation to seal up where they had knawed their holes. Then I put Bounce dryer sheets in all the drawers and in the cupboards. Haven't had a mouse back since. They hate the perfume on the dryer sheets. The moth ball idea is good to because it will also keep snakes from crawling in looking for mice.

I would pull out all of the drawers and stack them on the bed or couch so that they space is open. Biggest problem I have is spiders and those nasty little orange beetles that everyone thinks are lady bugs. But they bite and if you squish them they leave an orange stain that is hard to get out.

I park my motorhome on a pad with a full hook-up in my yard so I can use it as a guest house when company comes to visit. So I put out traps once in a while to see if there are any visiting. It has been a long time since I caught one.

Good luck.
Mice in insulation

:laugh: I keep this under my steps in the 5er. Never have a mouse problem

Mice in insulation

I want to thank you all for your suggestions, this is a great site. We finally ended up removing the heavy cloth covering from under the trailer, they were getting up under it and going in. We discovered that they leave during the day to find food and water. In the afternoon, we used expanding foam to fill all the holes and put mouse poison around the wheels, for good measure. It seems to have worked.
We still have to go up on the roof to double check and see if anything is getting in that way also. We wouldn't have known what to do if it wasn't for your help, thanks again. "Happy Camping"
Mice in insulation

:approve: I'll explain. Mice don't eat insullation, they shred it and make nests. They have to come out to find food. That's when you must catch them, or eliminate their food supply and hope they leave.

If you use poison bait or trap them inside an empty camper and let them starve, the will die in your wall and attic spaces. They will mummify over time and stop smelling but that seems to be what you are trying to avoid.

That brings you down to ...

1. Remove all sources of food. (both inside and around the camper)
2. Set baited traps.

Or, just stuff a cat under the step. :clown:

:laugh: I see you just solved the problem.. but I'll leave the post up... between your solution and the post we may help someone else. :laugh: :laugh: