Michelin Tires

[John B] Comeing near to needing a new set (6) of tires for my class A Gulfstream Sunsport. A mechanic looked at my vehicle and suggested that the only good tire I had on it was a poor choice. It was a Michelin. He said that they were possible the worst to use on my Class of vehicle. Anybody have any suggestions on what tire is best for use on my MH and why is Michelin a bad choice.
Michelin Tires

[Gary B] Hi John, there is nothing wrong with michelin tires, my 34&#039 Bounder has them and I have 53000+ miles on them with lots of rubber left. The main down side to Michelin is they are about impossible to deal with om warrenty, and maybe your mechanic has been burnt buy Michelin, if thats the case it makes one less then supportive. On my F-250 and F-350 dually I had the best luck with Firestone steeltex tires and would definetly go with them again. Hope this helps good luck GB
PS I have Michelins on my F-250 now as my tire man was able to get the best deal on them when I needed tires awhile back,one other thing I have noticed with michelins is they don&#039t wear evenly. When I check tread depth on my vehicles I got 6 different reading on the MH and 4 readings on the F-250, all installed at the same time same miles. GB
Michelin Tires

[Jerry G] I have seen a lot of michelin tires with the tread seperated. Not the passenger type, but large truck and RV types. My personal choice is bridge stone. I also feel that not enough attention is paid to tire pressures. They should be checked at least once a week or sooner if one looks low. One other factor to consider is the load capicity of the tire. If you are loading to max capicity of a tire, none will hold up.
Michelin Tires

[John] Jerry G, You seem to know more than I do about tires. My Firestones only have about 40000 but I have pulled quite a bit and have a tongue weight of about 2300 lbs. This is F350 Dually. They sure are looking thin, especially rear. Does that sound about right?
Michelin Tires

[Jerry G] John: Cant give you an honest answer on your tire wear. There are so many variables in tire wear it is hard to say about wear. Are you familiar with the wear ratings on a tire? They are A,B,&C. A being the best. I feel that loading and pressure has more to do with the wear than anything else. These letters are moulded on the tire. Also there are heat ratingA,B,&C,these are also moulded onthe tire. These ratings supposedly comply with federal standards. The stds should be on the web.