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Hello all - For the past few months, I have been compiling my In-depth review of my Midwest Automotive Designs 4x4 “Patriot”. This type B offering provides a classy looking conversion which doubles as a RV when needed. One of the main reasons I choose the Midwest conversion is because unlike some other builders, they retain a stock "Panel Van" look on the exterior. I use my Midwest coach for play and work as well as for occasional traveling for business. Motels are now a thing of the past, no longer do I have leave my vehicle in a motel parking lot with my valuables and try to sleep in a motel room.

I’ll also be documenting a Lithium Upgrade for both this Midwest coach and my Leisure Travel “Wonder” Type C. By doing the upgrade myself, I’ll be able to retain my propane generator, as well as carry an extra 15-19 gallons of extra propane fuel for a total of around 40 gallons for off the grid use. Another major benefit is, I’ll have a "4th Power Source” consisting of 110v grid power, engine alternator, lithium or generator. I'll equip these coaches with a Xantrex E-Gen 600 ah pack, battery control module and a Xantrex 3012 inverter charger. The system should run the roof top AC for 6-8 hours on just the lithium battery, making it ideal for parking next to other campers, state parks, etc. I'll put up a link on this forum when it's completed. Enjoy

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