Mileage and what to expect for repairs

Class C Gulf Stream 28 ft, V-10, with 70,000 miles. Trips were mostly 400 to 600 miles at a time. To date the rear inside tires have been replaced, no brake replacement (realize this will be required) I acknowledge this has many variables but if the required maintenace was performed is there a mileage mark where one would expect engine/transmissions/rear ends, etc need to be rebuilt. I can purchase for $15,000, slightly below NADA book, overall it seems clean. Thanks for any info given.

Gary B

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Mileage and what to expect for repairs

Hi skeets, welcome to the forum and to rving, :cool: I take it that you are looking into buying the rig and are wondering about maintenance. First off on the tires check the DOT date on the times, it is usually on the inside of the tire near the bead, if they are more then 5 to 6 yrs old they need to be replaced, next the brakes have them checked by a mechanic chances they are alright yet but they are easy to check, if the engine and tranny are properly maintained you can get 150000 miles out of them. If the fluid in the trans has not been changed it is due now, and I would recomend Mobil 1 synthetic trans fluid, it will drop the rans fluid temp by a min. of 10*F, I also recomend Mobil 1 engine oil. the rear end can just be checked for proper level. All in all have a rv tech check it over for you and then check it again yourself before you buy.The Ford V10 is an excellent engine and you can expect about 8 mpg overall. Keep in mind that MH's are complex machines and there are many things to maintain, and things will pop up that'll need work. Good luck with the search. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Mileage and what to expect for repairs

Gary is giving you a lot of good advice especially regarding synthetic Mobile 1. Great stuff. Think you can do better than slightly below NADA book value. Looking on the internet at all the rigs for sale, nobody seems to be paying much attn to NADA values i.e. prices far below NADA numbers. Keep shopping or negotiate a far better price.