I am goin to pick up my new 2750 on Monday I think. Tomorrow is goin to be real rainy and I never pulled a fifth wheel before. I have the hitch installed. Of course they drilled through my anti lock sensor and tried to get out of it but we got it straightend out and I'm ready to go.

Will the stock mirrors on my pickup do the job or do I need some kinda extentions? If so what do you suggest and where do I get em?

Thanks for the help


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I have a 2002 Silverado 2500 HD. I bought mirrors that slipped on to the existing mirrors. I found them to be useless. It was almost impossible to get the two driver side mirrors to line up with one another. The passenger side was worse, since the mirrors had different magnification. I finally bought some stick on convex mirrors which work fine while driving. I will probably buy some extended bolt on mirrors to replace the stock mirrors.

thanks for the help. I was looking at some today and had some simular thoughts. I may just got the stick on way also.

Thanks again


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When I bought my truck, it had extendable mirrors installed. These things are huge (maybe 10" by 10"), slide out about 4" for towing and work off the factory switch to adjust. I've seen them for about $400 at Camping World and other places. They are a bit bulky when not towing, but worked great on my recent cross country trek (no vibration to speak of). I would have preferred they extend a bit more, but I didn't hit anything and nothing hit me, so I guess they extend far enough :)