Has any body ever used clip-on mirrors,(mirrors extensions) my brother says he doesn't want to punch anymore holes in his truck and his mirrors don't go out far enough. Good or bad idea. If good idea, what brand. Thanks in advance. Terry


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yes, I tried 3 or 4 from Camping World and they all had problems. Either they would fall off, or would lose adjustment and/or would vibrate so bad you couldn't see anything. When I got my new truck, integral towing mirrors were part of the deal. Best $500 I ever spent.

Thanks hertig, I let my brother know. You can spend alot of money trying to save some. I'm going to tell him not to worry about drilling holes in his truck, he can fill them. Thanks for the help. Terry

Thanks again hertig, I'll tell the boy, but if you hear someone yelling from the L.A. area it will be my little brother, I can just hear him now, $500.00!!! I keep telling him, "Your not going to take it with ya."

Right-arm :clown: silverhammer, that's what I try to tell the boy. It's just like I said earlier, when I showed him hertig's post he said "FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS". I say if your going to spend thousands for a TT you shouldn't worry about $500. to protect it from being damaged. Thanks :laugh: