Mobil Roof Products

I inspected the roof of my unit yesterday and have come to the conclusion that it needs a little care. On looking around I found an advertisement for "Mibil Roof" where they are claiming to be far better than the rest. Anyone out there with experience with roofing products and in particular the "Mobil Roof" materials. Thanks in advance. Bill
Mobil Roof Products

I believe that I need to do the entire roog. The cap rollover (side to roof) is coming loose a few places and one sunlite opening is coming loose. Bill
Mobil Roof Products


Kinda like Larry. There is a product sold by camping world that is ideal for the roof to side area on most campers. It comes in a roll and is good for both glass and rubber roofs. It is about $60 bucks for 35 or 40 feet roll. I have never used it but have heard good things about it.

1979 Foretravel