Mobile rv lube

I just ran across this in Kerrville. check Full service oil, oil filter, fuel filters, lube chassis and driveline, adjust tire pressure, top off fluids. $290.00 for diesel and $110 for gas. And they come to you. Sounds like a good price to me....any comments?


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Jim ,, when i worked for the gov. in Alb NM jiffy lube had kinda the same thingy ,, it was an on sight fleet and such lube service ,, we used them due to the ease of them haulling away the used oil ,, that way we didn't have to fill out all those pages of paper work ,, to satisfie OSHA on the storage and removal of used oil ,, all we wrote down was ,, oil removed at sight by contractor ,, so and so ,, one page ,, and 1/2 a sentence ,,, better than 3 pages ,, :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: ;) :laugh: :laugh:
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I used this company a few times while in Texas in 2006/7. Great service. Did the oil and filter change, lube and tyre pressure check on both the gas motorhome and toad for a total of $100. And it was in pouring rain. I would highly recommend.


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RE: Mobile rv lube

When we stayed in the Guadalupe River RV Resort in Kerrville the winter before last we had them out to do our truck. They did a great job and the cost was very reasonable. Was sure nice being able to sit in my lawn chair and relax while they did the work. Very professional outfit!