mobile visitors center RV

Our organization is searching for an RV manufacturer that sells or produces RVs which can be driven and then be taken to a event within a destination as a Mobile/Interactive Visitors Information Center/Booth. It would be stationed at the particular event and then "opened up" and ready for business. Any assistance you could provide would be most appreciated.

Ed H.

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mobile visitors center RV

There are loads of companys making commercial vehicles that can produce any custom configuration you want. You can get custom-built trucks or trailers.
Do a web search for "cube vans" and you should come up with a maker near you. Also check with companies that upfit commercial and emergency vehicles in your area.
One such company is Unicell. Their web site is .
If you want a towable unit, there are hundreds of trailer manufactureres out there. Wells Cargo is one of the biggest national names, but there are plenty of regional ones too.
I hope this gives you some ideas.