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Hi I'm new to the forums here but i have been checking in on and off for a while now, my first question would be can anyone recommend a manufacturer or style of 5th wheel with a more modern/contemporary? style on the interior.
I am a single construction worker and have been interested in the idea of living full time in one for a while, the nature of the type of work i do is sort of temporary, typical large projects only have a year or 2's work for me and its time to get out of Vegas.
I don't wish to offend anyone here but i would rather have a 42" TV on the wall than a curio cabinet for example.
It seems like most of the high end units come with that type of styling. I believe i would be better off with the build quality and mechanical systems that come with those ones .
I hope that makes sense to someone I'm pretty sure having something custom built is out of my price range, Id better stop rambling thanks for reading

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Re: Modern Designs

Welcome to RVUSA.

Ken with Grandview Sales, on this forum, will help you out allot. Listen to what he has to say. Even though he is a dealer he will give you honest answers to your questions. :approve:


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Re: Modern Designs

Ever thought of a toy hauler? You would have a little bit of space to store stuff and even keep a toy or two and they seem to be a little less frilly and just as functional.


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Re: Modern Designs

Hello InterestingNick and welcome!!!

I agree with you 100% that I hate the cabinet mounted TVs. It makes much more sense to me also, to locate it on a wall. Sometimes the cabinets don't swivel and that makes for a strained neck.

Post back and let us know what you find! :cool:


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Man I wished my TV was wall mounted, I hate the over head cabinet one I have. I am very limited on the TV size that I can put in the rat hole where it is now. I will replace the old analog with a new HD flat screen, but like I said, very limited on size. I just hope the designers are reading and listening
Re: Modern Designs

I agree that a toy hauler may be the way to go Ill do some investigating in that also occurred to me that I could get an older cheap model gut it out and put whatever I want in there.
Thanks for the comments