Modular Home Irritating Questions

I am looking at a home that is modular that's partially finished. I've noticed a few things wrong that maybe you can help me with.

1)They say their standard switch height is 56" to center ----- irritating!
2) They drilled holes in wood studs and then placed a 3" piece of emt in the hole as a sleeve and has no bushing on either end and they say it meets code. I can see from the movement of the modular is already cutting into the RX.
3) They have the 2 upper boxes where all the wires come down nc modular homes with prices. I'd say it's like 5-3 wires and 4-2 wires and they put in a 2" PVC sleeve to run them all down to the basement.

This is was inspected and all were to have met the code. Am I missing something? Maybe I'm reading the code wrong. I know the 56" is not a code issue but it's definitely not standard.