Moisture in Aluminum storage boxes for pickups

We have noted that card board containers retained in our aluminum storage box become moist (even soggy) during the traveling season. I know it is due to condensate that is formed inside the box as related to differences in surface temperatures of the Aluminum and travel in different geographical humidities. Has anyone ever lined a box to reduce or eliminate the condensate inside ? Any suggestions ?
Moisture in Aluminum storage boxes for pickups

Are you sure you don't have a leaking seal and the water is getting in during a rain storm? If that has been checked out and it is condensation then I would suggest a couple of small louvred vents in each end of the aluminum box. That will keep rain water out and allow the moisture inside the box to escape. There are also chemical dryers on the market that I have heard of people using inside their rv's to remove moisture. Maybe a package of that would help. Camping World or other rv supply companies might help you out. Do a google search for moisture control.


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