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Well, I'm new to CLASS-A group. Been camping all my life (most of it, anyway). This is my first post.
Small issue of some moisture in one of my outside storage compartments on a 1989 Winnebago Chieftain, 31 FT. There seems to be moisture on the carpet inside and on the top part of the compartment (the metal top inside). I have checked for leaks everywhere and found nothing. The only difference I can find is that in this compartment, I keep a carton (the plastice holders) with bottles of cleaners like windex, orange clean, etc. Could this be causing the moisture problem? If anyone thinks this to be true, how do you prevent it (without removing them from the compartment, guess that would be the logical answer :laugh: )
Anyway, thought someone may have had the same issue at some point.
By the way, I am looking forward (as my wife is also) to meeting folks on the road......our experience in camping has always been great (even with a few problems).

You could try taking the items out as a test to see if they are the culprit. I would not think so; unless they are getting very hot and evaporating but I have learned over the years ANYTHING is possible.

We discovered that the storage units right in front of the wheels were not very watertight. We travelled in the rain for about a day and a half only to discover that many many photos had gotten completely soaked....had them out drying everywhere. Don't trust anything that close to the road I've discovered. The dealer took a stab at trying to make those compartments watertight, but not with great success. Unless they are compartments that are each made individually,(like they look like they each came out of their own mold) chances are they won't be watertight. This will be a consideration if we purchase another unit some time in the future. Just one of those things I'll be looking at. Don't fret about it too much, since you'll never get it perfect anyway.

It does pay to check any compartments after driving in wet conditions. I have a new Newmar Kountry Star fifth wheel, and have been disappointed in their quality control.

The entire weather strip on my front compartment was completely missing, resulting in a huge open place for water to slip through for the entire width of the vehicle right behind my truck wheels where water goes everywhere.

The dealer on the second trip finally noticed the problem and corrected it. I would have had a mess on my first trip in wet weather, especially if I had equipment in that compartment. Unfortunately, quality control in RV manufacturers is nothing to brag about. When I wrote Newmar about it, they did not even have the courtesy to answer my correspondence. It's a pity that it is not publicized like poor quality control is in the automobile industry.

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