Monaco LE motorhome

Well Rvers, i have @ last recieved my motorhome here in Australia, have picked it up in melbourne and have enjoyed the trip to Perth in Western Australia, Now I have to sort out some of the wiring and fit a drivers door for licensing, so if by luck some out there has got any wiring diagrams etc for 87 Monaco please advise Kojak

DL Rupper

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Hey kojak, glad you are getting it set up. Happy Camping in Australia. Wish I had the bucks to come visit.
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Hi Kojak. I see with interest you imported a Monaco over. I had no end of trouble trying to do the same thing and ended up having to use an agency.This nearly trebled the cost . I would like to update my van and wonder if you have any tricks. I had to have my van converted to rh drive plus a passenger side door installed prior to me being able to take possession of it .regards Big Bilko
RE: Monaco LE motorhome

Hi Big Bilko,we are lucky over here in the west as we can keep l/h drive up to jan 1989, that is why i imported a 1987 monaco , it had only done 66000 miles and in wonderful condition,as you say i have to fit a l/h drivers door prior to rego,I have been trying to get some wiring diagrams , but not having much luck so far,what type of m/h did you bring in and when, and what do you want to do re update etc, happy travelling Kojak