Monitor issue

Our motor home is wired for coax tv cable, but our new LCD HDTV Monitor TV for the bedroom only has RCA (red,white,yellow cable) inputs…there’s a DVD player in the living room but I have no way to go from Coax from the wall to RCA cable in the bedroom. Should I just buy her another DVD player and run everything through there in the bedroom? DVD players do have Coax inputs and RCA outputs right?

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Monitor issue

That would be one way to do it, yes, but I think you might be missing a connector on the new TV. Are you saying your new "monitor" does NOT have a tuner in it? If it has a tuner in it (has channel selection), then it must have an RF input (cable). If it truly is ONLY a "monitor", then it must have been designed just to be the display for another piece of equipment.
Monitor issue

Sounds like a monitor to me. In other words, there is nothing in there to generate a picture so you need a dvd player or a vhs recorder with tuner if you want to watch broadcast or cable tv.