Montana residency


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We are thinking of establishing our residency in Montana. I've tried to do some research on the internet, and most sites state requirements for college entrance. On one site, it stated that you could establish residency after 120 days, so I am a bit confused. Also, on one site, it said there was state tax on new vehicle purchases, but did not say anything about sales tax on existing vehicles brought to the state. Can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks!


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Montana residency

they dont do ANY sales tax in MT...but they sure have a killer personal & property tax, not to mention a very beefy gas tax. Think about it friend, you have a HUGE FREXN state and what do they have???? Cows, some minerals, cows, some buffalo, cows, some wild horses, cows, some people to work cows, more cows....did I mention cows? Ohh...thats right, a very nice view of what??? C O W S from a distance! Dont forget to close the north gate when the wind blows...those of us in WY dislike that North wind! Not to mention, blowing cows from the NORTH!

Seriously friend, if you are wanting to find a very easy way to learn about a STATE's bottom line that isnt their citizenry....look for a CAFR. Consolidated Annual Fiscal Report. Every state's treasurer MUST print one out....look for revenue generated by things other than income taxed, or fees generated by people. For instance, WY has $12M (rough est) collected by minerals each year. Not bad considering that WY has only 500K people in the WHOLE state. Think about what us PUPPETS in the system DONT pay! We have the CHEAPEST gas tax out of all the lower 48. 4% sales tax state wide (incl food), and I'd venture the cheapest on property tx. No income tx, no inheritance tx.......Im not a lover of any tax...but considering other states...its chepola in this Coal and Natural Gas State.

Lastly, if you do venture thru this out for the deer/antelope and an occasional heffer. Gas is cheapest in cheyenne and goes up when you go north and west.

Currently Gas is 1.11 and Diesel is 1.09

As always friend, do your own due dilligence!
Namaste, Eric :)


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Montana residency

As one who used to live in Cheyenne, I rather agree with voeric, but I doubt that is of much help to you. Are you looking to move to Montana, or just take residency there as a fulltimer, or what? If you are actually moving, then the residency requirement to live there should not be a problem. But if you are thinking of becomming a fulltimer from Montana, I would wonder if you would not be more satisfied in one of the more popular states like Texas, or South Dakota, or even in Wyoming.


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Montana residency

I lived in Montana for one year. I don't remember any special tax on my vehicle when I registered it. They don't have any sales tax. But the vehicle license, income tax, and property taxes are as high as California. I don't remember any new vehicle sale tax of any kind? I worked at a dealership there for one month...lets just say I'm not a car salesman. I do remember man people from Wyoming shopping in Billings because of no sales tax. As far as cars, I was told it doesn't matter what state you buy a car in. The dealership is required to send the proper sales tax to the state you live in and are registering the vehicle in.
I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota now.
If you have any other questions. I'll be happy to help as much as I can.

Here's a funny one. When my license came due in Cal. They sent me the notice in Montana. Then they sent me a fine and notice. Then, the next year, they sent me a bigger fine and notice. But they knew I was in Montana since they knew where to send the fines to. I almost framed the darn thing. :laugh: