More Chevy truck coasting

[Bob] I have a 1998 Chev. 1500 with a 5.7 V8,automatic tran. two wheel drive with a 3:42 rear. While going down any grade I do not seem to have any engine hold back even when pulling the shifter down into 2cd. pos. Hard on the brakes while pulling a trailer. Trailer of course has it&#039s brakes. Anyone experience this sort of thing? The truck seems like it is coasting in neutral. Thank you for any ideas. Dealer no help.
More Chevy truck coasting

[Barney] You indicate a vibration from a stop and acelerating and the next report I assume is from you that the truck doesnt hold back even in 2nd gear going down hill makes me wonder if in fact you have too much trailer for your 1/2 ton pick up.