More Freezing Questions Skirting????

Hello again all,

I am curious about skirting the 5er. I have seen many customized installers (some even local) with installations ranging from $800-1200.00. This seems pretty steep.

I found this install yourself skirting supplier
and am curious if anyone has used this type (velcro strapping versus snaps). I am looking for pros and cons for each type. Seems that as a do-it-yourselfer this is childsplay.

Thank you all!!! (It has been fun reading and perusing all these topics and responses. You guys are a load of info and fun!!!!)
More Freezing Questions Skirting????

It doesn't look like a bad system at all on there web page. I'm not sure about how long Velcro would last exposed to the elements. You could always go to the local hard ware store or hobby store and buy a snap kit and put snaps in if needed.
More Freezing Questions Skirting????

Thanks Browzin, I hadn't thought of that (replacing the velcro with snaps). That was kinda what I was thinking on the velcro. It is great when new but I haven't had allot of luck with old weathered velcro on anything. According to them you just wash with soap and water after the season is over and before storage. I was not aware that that is all one had to do to keep velcro working properly. I mean it all looks pretty easy on their installation video. Do you have experience with the screw in snaps (for the trailer side)? Do you know where I could get those at a reasonable price?

Thanx again for your info.
More Freezing Questions Skirting????

You can buy the the Screw in type snaps or you can get the snaps that have the hole in the center that you can put a screw into.
I personally purchased the type with the hole in the center and then bought stainless steel screws to mount them with.(I didn't want to have to change them every couple of years due to rust.) I bought the screws & snaps at Lowes. The snaps were cheap, the stainless steel screws were kinda costly but they are still looking like new 3 years later. Also when you purchase the snaps be sure an buy the setting tool for installing them. I bought mine in a kit that came with the tool and then just bought the rest of the snaps in bulk.
More Freezing Questions Skirting????

Thanx again for the good advise Browzin... I think I will go for the snap installation. Hopefully I will get to this in the next month or so. I will let you know how it turns out.

Have a great evening (or day)....
More Freezing Questions Skirting????

Hi folks,

There is something you should be aware of .... velcro will not stand up to high winds..

If your trailer is set in a well protected area where the winds never get stronger than 5 or 10 mph, the velcro will stay put... but in areas where the wind blows at 20 mph and higher, you are going to be chasing down the street after your skirting every day...

As you have discussed, use the snaps or twist snaps instead of
velcro.. and stake the bottom of the skirting down with 12" gutter nails. They are sold in Wal-Mart's camping section. package of 3 or 5 for about $2.00.

Another warning for you...... I purchased the so-called "Heavy Duty Cloth backed, reinforced vinyl" ....
It started to tear at the corners within a week after installation...

Stay away from that "Vinyl" material and go with a regular "Duck Canvas" material.. The canvas will keep out the wind and rain just as well as the vinyl and will last a lot longer...

I paid $900.00 for the custom made vinyl skirting on my 5th wheel and now have to replace it...after only two years.. because it is ripped all to pieces by the wind..

OH.... just for information, the nose covers ( 2 sizes) were selling for about $99.99 at many RV places like Camping World and Camper's Choice. So that Springfield web site price of $189 is a little high..

I don't find them in the latest issue of the CW and CC sales catalog, but they were in previous years catalogs.. Check out their web sites and see if they still carry the nose covers..

Best wishes,
More Freezing Questions Skirting????

Great info and ideas. CW does still have the VINLY nose skirt #'s 5736, 5737,& 5738 depending on size wanted. Price for any of the three $199.00. Looks like there price has gone up with everyone else's price.
More Freezing Questions Skirting????

OUCH !! by golly Browzin,, I guess they have gone up !!

Man-o-Man, that shows how much I have paid attention to prices in the last couple of years.. :( :eek: :)

I better start checking out prices again, huh ?
Maybe I was dreaming of 29¢ gas prices and somehow infused other things into my fantasy dreams.. :laugh: :laugh:

More Freezing Questions Skirting????

It's ok John, I still have memories of driving across town to pay 17¢ a gallon for gas instead of 19¢ at the station that was close by. Dang the price of things has risen alot!!!