More Honda generator questions


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Have pretty well decided on the EU2000i. Here are the questions:
1. I assume there is no 30 amp outlet on the generator. Will the dogbone adapter I bought at Camping World do the trick, or will I need something else to connect to the trailer?
2. How much time will it take to fully recharge a deep cycle marine battery that has been fully (or nearly so) discharged?
3. What is the deal about the 1/4 setting on the Honda EU2000? I assume this is for extending the running time and/or making it quieter, but does it truly mean that the generator is only putting out 1/4 power?
4. I understand the generator will power everything in the trailer but the AC. But will it power the microwave, toaster oven at 1/4 setting?
5. Been looking at online dealers for prices. Found a quote of $915 with no shipping or tax, from American Equipment out of Pompano Beach, FL. Anyone had any experience with them?

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More Honda generator questions

I have the EU3000, not the EU2000, so these are guesses:
1) It has 2 20 amp sockets. If it was me, I'd make a 20 amp to 30 amp adapter, but as long as you don't try to draw more than 15 amps, the dog bone will work just fine.
2) That would depend on your battery charger. The one built into many trailers will take 'a long time'. A good, multi-stage charger will charge faster and more completely. I don't know about the one built into the generator, I never use it. By the way, it is bad practice to 'fully' discharge a battery. You will get much longer life if you never discharge it more than 50%.
3) I don't know about a 1/4 setting. They do have an 'Eco-Throttle' which reduces the speed (thus noise and gas usage) when the power draw is minimal. Maybe this is 1/4 power, maybe not. In any case, it is not that the generator is putting out less power, it is that less power is being drawn.
4) When the eco throttle is switched in, its usage is automatic and based on demand. So it will power anything it can with or without the eco throttle. It's pretty funny really, if you are used to generators which slow down when you load them and then try a EU generator which speeds up when you load it...
5) That sounds like a decent price these days (with Honda clamping down on online dealers). I found a place which was $870 or so, but I don't know what tax/shipping would have been added. As far as the place you found, you could check with the local Better Business Bureau. Or you could order using a credit card, using them as your 'safety net'.