Most useful tool

C Nash

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Wondering what are some of your most useful tools that you carry with you? Mine is a infra red thermometer. Can be used for tire temp, bearing ck, exhaust cyl temp useful for skips and lean buring. can even ck the transmission pan for temp but that's not an accurate way for transmission temperatures. Can also ck radiators for cloged flues.

Wife evens points it at me sometimes and tells me to cool it :eek:
Most useful tool

Hands down it's my Schrade multi-tool. You know, the ones with the pliers, screwdrivers, knife blades, file, bottle opener, can opener, awl, etc. I carry it with me everyplace I go. Now if I could figure out how to build my cellphone into it.......

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Most useful tool

I say the most useful tool to carry with you is a Roll of Toilet Paper. Even been on the road and have to go real bad only to find out you are out of toilet paper ?
Now think about that for a do you agree?


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Most useful tool

Guess I have to add my two cents to this one:
1. Wife of almost 38 years
2. Castrol degreaser (I use it for almost everything)
3. Small belt tool like campertech posted
4. Laptop computer
5. Cell Phone
6. Money
7. More money