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I am looking for information. We own a Class A 1993 motor home and live in it full time. Up until this year when we decided to stay put( due to gas prices) we have always driven from point A winter in FL and point B summer in VT where we are from. Because of my husbands health I have decided we would be better off leaving the motor home on site full time but when I look for separate ins outside the auto ins we have now that covers just the motor home. I know I will have to register the motor home in FL since both the car and the motor home are registered in VT.

Can I get insurance for just the motor home as a resident even if we leave it for 4 months to go up north? I would appreciate any help anyone can give us on this problem.

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Talk to your insurance company about storage insurance for your rv. A lot of them will reduce the insurance rate and you will only carry what would cover a house basically since your no longer moving it from place to place. Just be sure to change it back to full coverage if you do move it even a few feet or you wont be covered should something happen while moving it.
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If it's left on the lot why are you insuring it as a motor home?? If you rent a lot by the year and secure the thing to tie downs much as a house trailer (some areas require them anyway) you may be able to insure as a park model and not a motor vehicle. Now of course you wouldn't be allowed to drive it and tour around when your down there but if you just want to leave it in one spot that should be much cheaper.
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If you already have everything reg in VT ... Why do you think you have to change reg to Fla? Just because you leave it here?

The storage lots here have tags from all over inside in the windows. Even if you leave it in a park you do not have to change reg.

NEVER leave the tag on the outside when you are gone for the 4 months.

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Re: Motor Home Insurance

RV are usually insured in the state registered. If you declare full-time insurance it dosen't matter much where you park it.
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Now I'm confused. We purchased our 5er in Ohio and have an Ohio clear title. I was told by Florida DMV that because the unit would be sitting on the site year-round, I MUST title AND license it in Florida. They told me I had 30 days to do so after moving it to FL. Also, if it stays on its wheels and is NOT anchored down (as in permanently set) I could avoid paying taxes in Florida. Once it is anchored permanently, we must pay taxes. We'll be in Hillsborough County. (Evidently the county determines the amount of taxes imposed.) Could you share more information, please!!!!!

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Gee - this forum stuff takes some getting used to. I wrote a reply and it showed up on the screen as a reply. Now when I log back on, it has vanished!

To respond to your question, C Nash, initially we had planned to tie down the unit. Then, we found that if we anchored it permanently, we would be charged thousands of $$ annually in county/state taxes (it will be located in Hillsborough County if that makes a difference). If we left it on its wheels (thus still an RV & moveable) we would not be charged county/state taxes. Florida DMV told me that if the unit sits in Florida year round it MUST be titled AND licensed in Florida. They said we had 30 days to do so after moving it to FL. We have a clear Ohio title and it is licensed in Ohio but FL does not recognize that.

We are certainly confused now. We welcome advice from others who have been in this predicament!!!

Thanks. Charbros (I hope it works this time!!!)
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Fla dmv is trying to separate you from your money(that is their job). There are many RV's set up here(wheels on) thru the summer in Southern Lee Co.

It is true that once you anchor it down they will get you as a permanent set up with ID stickers & BIG bucks.

I will have to check but I think that if you pull it off the site then reset it back up there is a break in your stay. Will check for you.

Or just have the park put it your name only for 6 months then put it in the wifey's name. This also shows a break.

Talk to the park managers or other residences how to work this.

I will check for you & get back. Could take a little while.

Keeping an eye on Ike.

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RE: Motor Home Insurance

There is an agreement between the fifty states that all vehicles must be registered in the state where they sit when not in use, or traveling on the highways. The time limit that a vehicle can be in a state before that rule is applied does vary by state but it is generally on the order of six months. The intention was to prevent people from registering vehicles in the cheapest state, no matter where they actually live and to force owners to pay the state taxes for the state where the vehicle spends the majority of it's time.

Fla dmv is trying to separate you from your money(that is their job). There are many RV's set up here(wheels on) thru the summer in Southern Lee Co.

The fact that this quote may be true does not make it legal. Believe what the DMV has told you as they do know the laws. If you wish to challenge the law, I suggest that you get your advice from an attorney and not from amatures on public forums!
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Hillsboro Co also has a discretionary tax of about 1.5-2% in addition to Fla 6%. That could add up real quick.

Still checking for you with friends who leave their RV in Sarasota when they go back to NY state.

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