motor home laws

Hi all! Me again. Anyone out there have a lot of knowledge on laws pertaining to motor homes? Seat belts etc? I tried looking on the web, but there was a ton of crap that came up, and most of it was unrelated. Even the WI DOT website proved to be useless. Thanks for your help!


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motor home laws

:) Not sure what the laws are state to state but I for one recommend that anytime the MH is on the road everyone should be buckled in properly. Have seen what happens when the driver has had to make a sudden turn to advoid a situation. It can ruin a vacation in a
hurry. I know that alot of older MH don't have them, but they can be added. Just my two cents here.


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motor home laws

I would say that any law pertaining to automobiles probably also applies to a motorhome. About the only difference in laws might be size limitations, parking/storage restrictions, and possibly a different speed limit. Also, places with laws about alcohol in vehicles often have some exemptions for the LIVING AREA of a motorhome.